Modern style in interior design is represented by everything that is simple, subtle but elegant. In this modern design, designers and designers, using minimalist arrangements, have created an extremely elegant and appealing atmosphere.

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Fine lines and palette of natural shades have created an exclusive ambience that has fully satisfied our customer's wishes. Most of the time, the walls have natural colors and do not show detail on stretched surfaces, and furniture is the best reflection of style, thanks to simple but elegant lines. In this modern style we do not see extravagance, but we definitely meet good taste, and the careful choice of materials and furniture can turn the monotonous and unforgettable atmosphere into an elegant and appealing one. Our portfolio is a rich one and you will definitely find here one of the much dreamed houses.

Although straight lines, simple geometry and a range of neutral colors predominate, modern style stands out when pieces of furniture and decoration stand out on top of each other. Visible details in a discreet, light-lit open-space and asymmetry specific to modern style have served to create inviting, simple, airy rooms with a personalized look.

For the arrangement of the living room we used simple shades like green in the sofas and in the coffee table, the cream visible in the floors and walls, along with the yellow and black found in the decorative cushions and drapes. Our designers chose to use fine, straight lines notable in sofas and armchairs Ditre Italia, the Dall 'Agnese Italy furniture, the modern Colani Evolution Collection, the Karelia flooring and the Ideal Lux lighting fixtures. The living room is an open space that has direct connection with the interior stairs and with the entrances to the kitchen, bathroom and office, managing to provide a perfect oasis for relaxation for our client.

For the kitchen, a space dedicated to the pleasure of cooking, our designers have carefully watched the demands of modern style and created a fresh and original design. The white Gicinque furniture fits perfectly in this space, and the dining table with Dall'Agnese Italy, Karelia Cream Parquet, creamy washable walls and Ideal Lux luminaires highlight the chromatic range as well as the monochrome specific to modern style. The dining area is located in the center of the kitchen, which helps to better develop the activities dedicated to these rooms.

Access to the office is done through the living room through a brown door, which along with the other accents used, adds a chromatic addition to the range of neutral nuances used in this project. For the office, we went on the same line and noticed the marinas inspired by the color of the curtains and the decoration pieces next to the white furniture. We observe a sliding door with transparent windows that leads us to a room dedicated to relaxation and that continues the image of the office.

Access to the upstairs bedrooms is made on the interior staircase, whose brown steps combine perfectly with the doors that delineate the rooms. The first bedroom maintains the intimacy of the use of wood in both floors and furniture. We observe the preservation of the combination of white and cream colors, highlighted by the beige and green accents found in decorative elements and draperies.

In the second bedroom, gray, white, black, beige and cream blends were used, which made it even clearer for the simple but elegant features of modern style. The green wallpaper, along with the black details found in the furniture, provides this room with the intimacy that is needed to relax.

The third bedroom comes in addition to the above, but in a lighter note. Open shades such as beige, cream and pink have been used, which has brought this room a youthful temptation. The golden details found in the luminaires complete the chrome of this room, and the black details present in the furniture pieces create a fine contrast and elegance.

The bathrooms keep the lines of modern style and show colors of the same range used in the rest of the rooms, beige, brown cream and white. The presence of a service bath helps the customer and is always welcome.

In the first bathroom you can see the use of white and brown wood furniture, which along with the shower enclosed in transparent glass, the metal accents, ceramic wall and floor tiles, make this room a perfect space for your personal activities.

In the second bathroom, the use of a white case was preferred, but the shade combination was preserved. Being ergonomically designed, this bathroom does not come out of the modern style and offers both simplicity and elegance.

This modern interior design project implements a series of simple yet stylish lines that, although it does not offer extravagance, has managed to create an attractive picture. Monochrome, subtle accents and fine details, large and enlightened spaces, natural materials and the combination of these, and last but not least involvement and dedication our engineers, have given the life of this 3D frame with minimalist design.

Modern interior design with upstairs in Constanta

If you have come to the conclusion that you want to use the services of an interior design firm and architecture of interiors to create a perfectly organized and elegant space, we are ready to offer you our experience and creativity in the development of interior design projects for residential and commercial interiors. specialists Nobili Interior Design will help you dream about the ideal house, apartment, restaurant, café, shop, hotel or office. When designing the interior design project, we take into account the objectives, budgets, deadlines and financial capabilities of our clients. We will jointly determine the ways of harmonizing the interior design project and the implementation time up to the interior design depending on the complexity of the project and your availability. We are available to explain the pros and cons of different styles (classic, modern, Mediterranean, eclectic, scandinavian), the significance of the various sketches presented, the role of repair and fitting works and implementation times, technical and practical features of the materials included in the interior design project. For us, working on a new design project is a combination of creativity and professionalism, imagination and experience. We develop interior design projects for classical villas with upstairs, which can be implemented, so you can purchase all the materials included in the 3d interior design directly through our company. Our designers will not only give you 3d images of the interior, which will then turn out to be a simple picture that can not be achieved. Collaborating with Nobili Interior Design, you will get the interior designed according to the 3d view by purchasing interior materials imported by our company from the leading manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria or France. View projects from portfolio home interior design.

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We develop architectural, interior design, interior design, 3d visualizations, company renders (offices, hotel, boutique, restaurant, wedding salon, bar, hair salon, medical clinic, cosmetics, kindergarten, hospital, shop, showroom). In the residential interior design category we can make interior design projects in 3D for home, villa, flat, studio, modern, classic, Mediterranean design at prices from 20 Euros per square meter in all counties and cities in Romania where you can develop a personalized project interior design, house design with Nobili Interior Design: Bucharest, Sector 3, 2 Sector, 4 Sector, 5, 6, Ilfov, Otopeni, Baneasa, Pipera, Constanta, Mangalia, Eforie Nord, Medgidia, Pitesti, Arges, Giurgiu, Craiova, Alexandria, Teleorman, Slatina, Targoviste, Calarasi, Ialomita, Urziceni, Slobozia, Fetesti, Braila, Tulcea, Galati, Buzau, Ramnicu Sarat, Focsani, Vrancea, Piatra Neamt, Bacau, Barlad, Vaslui, Iasi, Suceava, Botosani. | | | | | | | | || | |

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